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5 Texas Hold’em Tips

#1 Don’t play too many hands!

In every game that you play online you should consider taking some tips from people that have been there and done that, for a while. You have to know how to make your decision on which hands to play and which ones that are better off being folded in Texas Hold’em. If you are in an early position at the game table then you need a pretty strong hand to even have a chance at playing. the biggest mistake that most players make is to play way to many hands, all that will do is let all of the other players know that you will play anything that comes to-good or bad- and you will lose your money.

Texas Holdem Tips - a picture

#2 Play strong holdings early

If you are in one of the early positions you should only raise if you have hands like a pair of aces or kings, or if you have an ace king that are suited. You can call with things like ace, king, ace, queen suited, king, queen or a pair of anything from queens to tens, you need to fold with everything else or you will just end up losing in the end most likely. If you are in middle position you should call with a pair of eights or above. If you are in the late position you can call a lot of hands because you can wait around to see what the other players are going to do, just know the players and don’t call with something that you know they can beat.

#3 Don’t hang up on defending blinds

Also don’t be one of those players who thinks that they have to defend their blind bets. A lot of time players who are in the blind position think that just because they already put money in the pot for the blind that they should keep playing no matter what kind of a hand that they have.

#4 Think about the flop and beyond

The second biggest decision that you will have to make while playing Texas Hold’em is whether you should keep playing after you see what the flop brings. Being one of the biggest decisions it can also be one of the biggest financial mistakes you can make. If you decide to keep a hand that really isn’t worth keep you can end up costing yourself all kinds of money that would have been saved if you had made the right decision, keep in mind that the flop defines your hand.

#5 Always study the game and pay attention

You should always watch the game, even if you aren’t playing for a hand or two, you should watch other players, this will let you find out how they play certain hands. This will give you the advantage when you start playing with those players again. You should always remember to pay attention to the game.The Turn is the next round of cards, if you see the Turn and you find out that you have made an incredible hand, by all means go ahead and bet on it. On the other hand if you get to the Turn and you only have two unsuited cards in your hand then you best bet is to fold, why waste any more of your money. The River is the final set of cards that you will get, it decides who wins and loses.