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Poker Position

Position - a pictureWhat is position?

In the game of Texas Hold’em there are many different things that you should know about the game before you start to play. If you know what position means and how important it is to you then you are well on your way to being a great player. The position that you hold at the table means what position you are sitting in relation to the dealer. The dealer has the best possible position available, because they get the chance to see how all of the other players at the table react, and by seeing that players can be more informed about how to make your decision on whether to fold or not.

Left of the dealer – early position

If you are to the left of the dealer then y are considered the small blind, and you are allowed to act first after the flop. Which means that you can bet first after the flop. To the left of the person in the small blind position you have the big blind, when you are in this position you are already tied to the game from early on. The person next is in the position to the left of the big blind and they act before the board cards are dealt. People in this position are said to be under the gun, which simply means that they are in the position to act. The people in the above positions are said to be early positions, there are middle positions and late positions in this game and each one affects the way that you can play your hand.

Weaker holdings in late positions

The play goes clockwise around the table which lets those players that are in a later position have better odds of winning than those in early positions. If you are in a later hand you can play a hand that is much weaker than is required to play if you are in an early position. If you are in one of the early positions then you should be much more selective about which hands you are going to play, this is because you no longer have the privilege of being able to watch the what the other players do.

Chances are that if you are in one of the late positions you will hardly ever even make it to the final betting round if you are playing correctly. You are far more likely to lose your money if you continue to bet and you know that you have nothing. When you do make it to the final hands it should be because you have a wonderful hand or you are bluffing and people are buying it. Other than that you are assured to lose your hand.

Hopefully with the information provided for you, you will be able to make a decision on where you would like to start the game. You are probably going to play all positions at one point or another but at least this way you know which one of them has the best odds.