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Poker visavi Casinogames – What are the differences?

Poker is vastly different from most other casino games, mainly because it commands both knowledge and tactics from players. The skill required to play poker is generally higher than other table games. Players must be familiar with all potential hands and the order in which they rank to have the chance of being successful in the game. Below we will outline the differences between poker a number of other casino games.


Cleopatra slot picture

Slots are vastly different from poker, almost so different that it is difficult to compare them at all. Slot machines require no skill and no previous knowledge, any winnings on slots are purely down to luck. Many slot machines even have an auto-spin feature that allows the player to simply watch in anticipation as the reels spin automatically. Although slots do not require any skill, they do sometimes allow players to win money in a short space of time. When compared to poker, you could walk away with the same amount, or more money after around 10-15 minutes of play from a slot machine as you could spending several hours at a poker table. The difference here that should be noted is that the chances of this are much lower than, poker is based much less on luck. A skilled poker player is much more likely to win more in the long run than a slots enthusiast.


A roulette wheel with a ball.

Roulette is a game that although based on luck, does require some skill. Players must be familiar with the different kinds of bets that are available and the payout from these. There are several available bets on a roulette table, all paying different amounts. For example, an inexperienced roulette player may choose to bet only on red or black, this is as simple as it sounds, if you place a bet on red and a red number comes up then you win. However, this is the most simple bet on the table and pays the lowest at 2:1. Unlike poker, there are no cards involved in this table game and all bets are based around a revolving wheel. A more experienced roulette player may place strategic bets on the table by calculating the probability of certain numbers appearing based on previous spins. However, probability in a game that is based solely on random spins is almost impossible to calculate and players are essentially relying on luck. The only real similarity between roulette and poker is the use of chips for betting.


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Blackjack is a game that requires some skill, as with poker, players must be aware of the different combination of cards on the table. For example, the sole objective of blackjack is to reach the number 21 or as close to it as possible or get ‘blackjack’. Blackjack means when a players cards add up to 21 with the first two cards dealt by the dealer, for example a queen (10) and an ace (11). Unlike poker, all players at a blackjack table are playing against the dealer as opposed to against each other. The skill element involved in blackjack is low, a player is required to make a decision to hit (request another card from the dealer), or stand (stick with the cards that they already have). If a player goes over 21 then this is referred to as ‘bust’, in this instance the dealer will win, the dealer will also win if their cards reach 21 or closer to 21 than the cards of the player. Like poker, all bets are made using chips and players are betting on a combination of cards.

Online Poker Vs Casino Poker

Although the game of poker is the same whether played online or in a casino, the experience is vastly different. For example, the element of bluffing online is much easier as players are anonymous and any visual cues of bluffing that may be seen at a casino poker table are eradicated. Another key difference is the buy-in amount, online games generally offer players a huge selection of tables with a range of buy-in amounts. This can vary from a very low buy-in, to much higher buy-ins more suited to high rollers. Generally in a casino there is a limited option of poker tables due to their physical size. Playing poker online is often more flexible than in a casino with online operators offering more ‘cash games’. In a’cash game’ a player can leave the table whenever they choose, as opposed to a tournament, where a player must stay and play until the end of the tournament or until they lose all of their chips.

Online Casino Vs Physical Casino Games

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Like the world of online poker compared to casino poker, online casino games are vastly different to those played in a physical casino. For example, online casino games often require no dealer interaction and instead are automatically operated, this is with the exception of live online casino games. In a live online casino game, players can see a live dealer from a realtime camera based in a physical casino. Players then can interact with the dealer using an online chat feature. The other key difference is, like online poker, there are more tables that offer better financial flexibility. This means that there are many more games with lower minimum bets than in a physical casino. For example, in a physical casino the minimum bet on a blackjack game may be £3.00, whereas a player may be able to play an online blackjack game with a minimum bet of £0.50.

Some players may choose to use online casinos over physical casinos due to the anonymity that they provide. Others may find an online casino more appealing due to the lack of interaction with a dealer or having to wait for other players to bet. Online casino games generally run much quicker than those in a physical casino. This due to the face that often the player is the only player and is competing against a computer.

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