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Bluffing - pictureWhen playing any poker game whether it be online or in a land based casino, you know that you are out to deceive either the house or the other players. If you are going to be a good poker playing you must master the art of bluffing. This is the best trick that you have over the other players that you are playing with.

When to bluff

The logic of bluffing is to make the other players think that you are playing with a much better hand than you actually are, therefore trying to make them fold. A lot of times when a player first starts to realize that they can bluff the other player they misuse it because they like it so much. When you over use something like bluffing the other players are going to catch on very quickly and your bluff won’t be working anymore. There are some key times that would be good for you to bluff, they will be laid out for you below. The overall best time to bluff is when there aren’t that many people left playing. Its a whole lot easier to fool less people, there is also a better chance that not many of them have a great hand anyway so they will probably fold. You also have a good chance to bluff someone if they are very easy to fold anyway. The minute they think that you might have a better hand than them they are going to fold. Players like this are usually pretty predictable because they always fold unless they actually have something, they very rarely bluff.

Represent something

Another great time to bluff is if you acted as though you had a wonderful hand before the flop and then nothing good came for you. Why let the other players know that you didn’t get what you were waiting for? You can still make them think that you have the best hand on the table. One of the best times for you to bluff the other players if after you have given them the fear. Lets say you just won a great hand and one of the other players says “good job” they have the fear now. If you get another hand and do exactly the same thing that you did to win the great hand players will automatically think, “oh they have another winning hand” and they will probably get out of the game then. You should always know the people you are playing pretty good before you try to start bluffing them, you should be able to tell what their tells are and how they will handle themselves in certain situations. By sitting there watching the other players you are raising your chances of winning because you have an idea of how they will act when the time come to make a decision. All of the information provided for you will ensure that you go into this game with a little bit of knowledge of how bluffing should be done.