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Texas Hold’em rules – an obligatory step to understand the principles of the game

In classic Texas Hold’em, players play against each other, and the dealer deals cards and monitors bets. This type of poker is extremely popular all over the world, not only in land-based casinos, but also in virtual rooms. To play with the best players in the best virtual clubs, each player needs to learn and understand the Texas Hold’em rules, which are described in the sections below.

Newbie Texas Hold’em rules

Before starting the deal at Texas Holdem poker, we make an initial bet. Then we get two cards in our hands (dealer too). We decide to continue playing or refuse and lose the Ante. Next, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Suppose we have an ace-seven different suits on hand, we continue.
  2. By the Texas Hold’em rules next comes the flop: three common open cards (there will be five in total). And again we will be offered to bet (one ante) or fold a move.
  3. Imagine that the flop came A-Q-9. We have the best pair, so we bet.
  4. The next stage is the turn, the fourth card. In our example, let it be the king. We still have the best pair, a strong hand, put another Ante and go to the fifth street.

The final stage is the river. Here the player and the dealer are revealed, the highest five-card combination wins. Another king came out on the river, our final combination: A-A-K-K-Q. The dealer showed Q-6, he loses, and we double all the bets made. This example describes the basic rules of poker for beginners.

Texas Hold’em Poker rules of betting and how to raise bets on time

In Texas Hold’em poker, you need to know the rules that will help you manage your betting. If you or someone else makes a bet, the following player may take these actions:

  • “Fold”;
  • “Call”;
  • Raise”.

Each subsequent player has the same three options. If a “Raise” has been made, each player who wants to stay in the deal must either “Call” or “Raise”. When the turn comes to the players who bet the blinds, they are given the same choice. To continue the game, the player who has placed the big blind $ 2 must add $ 2 less to the pot. If the move has reached the big blind, and there were no raises for this, the player can do the following. He can raise. In this case, the rest of the players can “Call”, “Raise”, “Reraise” or “Fold” to the card. The player in the big blind may also decide not to “Raise”. In this case, the bidding round is terminated. Such a big blind is called “live”.

According to Texas Hold’em casino rules in the first round of bidding, bets start from different positions. In all rounds of bidding, starting with the second, the first player has 2 options for action, that is, make a “Check” (do not place a bet) or “Bet” for this round. If after that someone makes a bet, then each subsequent player can make a “Fold”, “Call” or “Raise”.

Having studied all the necessary basic rules in Texas Hold’em, you will not only be able to enjoy, but also compete for the main cash prizes that every experienced gamer wants to win. Learning the rules of online poker is the initial step towards achieving goals in the game.

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