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Texas holdem hands, their order and ranking from highest to lowest

Texas holdem hands essential things to know

Texas holdem is all about building five cards hands out of seven that will be given in the game. The cards are given right from the beginning and then dealt of the course of subsequent rounds. There are ten types of hands that can be built in total and Texas holdem poker hands may have 2.6 million possible combinations that feature different suites and ranks. Before starting the game, it is crucial to know all the hands well, so that based on the cards that are received in the beginning, players may have a clear idea of what can be built out of the dealt cards.

Texas holdem hands order

Although the chances of constructing the best Texas holdem hands are be very bleak, it is still important to know the order of all of them. The list of hands starting from the best to the lowest can be presented as follows:

  1. Royal flush is the hand that features cards of the same suit ranked from ace to ten;
  2. Straight flush is the hand of the same suite that is consecutively ranked;
  3. Four of a kind is the hand that features four cards that bear the same rank;
  4. Full house is a hand that features three cards of the same rank and another two cards that have the same rank;
  5. Flush is the hand that features five cards that have the same suite;
  6. Straight is the hand that features any five cards that are consecutively ranked;
  7. Three of a kind is the hand that has three cards of the same rank;
  8. Two pair is the hand that has two cards of the same rank as well as two more cards that have the same rank;
  9. One pair is the hand that has two cards of the same rank;
  10. High card is the hand where the highest card is counted;

Texas holdem hands and their rankings are relatively easy to remember as well as beginners are advised to have the sheet right in front of them for purposes of memorizing them visually during gaming process. For instance, in video poker hands are always displayed right in front of a player, which makes the gaming process much easier. In Texas holdem, it is the same because players will have to remember the cards that have been distributed and understand what can be built on the basis of what is in their hands.

Ranking of winning Texas holdem hands

The ranking of the winning hands are presented right in accordance with the above mentioned list. However, it has to be understood that probability of constructing the best hands will be very low hence best hands in Texas holdem chances have to be measured well. Among 2.6 million combinations that can be made from 52 cards deck there are only four poker hands that will make Royal flush. The same applies to straight flush and four of a kind, which also have low probability of being constructed. The following winning ranking hands are the most common:

  • Full house;
  • Flush;
  • Straight;
  • Three of a kind;
  • Two pair.

The above mentioned ranking hands will be the most common ones. However, it does not mean that higher hands may be skipped; giving a try to build the best hand and calculating the chances as well as taking them are the most important things. Texas holdem hands and the process of determining what next card can be passed to a player as well as reading what the opponents may have is the prime objective of this mind game.

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